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Google Easter Eggs do not work

Info by NetGuy | 26/03/2018 at 09:21

You wanted to try a Google Easter Egg and nothing happened? That can have different reasons. Of course, it's possible that Google has removed the Easter Egg. But there are also other ways why animations and games are not displayed or not displayed correctly:

  • Wrong Input: The search term leading to the Easter Egg must be entered completely correctly and without quotation marks. It is best to click directly on the corresponding link, as it is also indicated in my article about each Easter Egg.
  • Auto Complete: Google has the nice ability to start searching before you've finished typing. This should not happen when calling an Easter Egg. Again, the call via the link or an indirect copy of the search word in the search on the help helps.
  • Modern Browsers: The Easter Eggs are programmed with JavaScript functions or HTML 5. For the Easter Egg to work, the browser must also understand these standards. This is often not the case with Internet Explorer or older browsers. A remedy is for example, the use of Firefox or Chrome in the latest version. If it also does not work in the most modern browser, JavaScript may be disabled.
  • Smartphone: Not every Easter Egg can be displayed correctly on a smartphone, either. If it does not work on your smartphone, it's best to try it on a regular computer or laptop.
  • Computer: If the computer is old or currently overloaded, it can be overwhelmed with an animation. This keeps the Easter Egg hidden. It can help to close all other tabs in the browser and to close all open programs.
  • Virus Scanner: Some virus scanners are deeply involved in the system and the functions of the browser. A virus program can also be responsible for blocking an animation or a game in the browser.

I hope I could help you with these tips, so that you could soon enjoy the Easter Eggs.


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