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How to weigh a small child that does not want to keep still?

Question by Guest | 2015-11-14 at 20:31

We have a big problem to weigh our little child. It is wild and jumping around and we cannot manage to hold still just for a moment to go on the scale.

Unfortunately, our scale needs a certain time until it has determined the weight, but our toddler does not stand still for this time. In addition, our baby seems to be disturbed and frightened by the shaky standing on the scale plate.

Does anyone have an idea what we can do to nevertheless determine the weight? If possible, we would like to go without drastic measures.

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There is a simple trick that will surely lead to success. Just take your child on your arms and go together on the scale.

If your child is being held on the arm, it cannot go away and I think it will also be much calmer and perhaps, it even does not recognize that you are going on the evil scale. Doing so, it will work for sure!

Of course, after that, you have to go another time onto the scale without your baby in order to determine your weight. Your child's weight will be your weight together with the child minus your weight without the child.
2015-11-15 at 16:18

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