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HTML: Align Text in Table at the Top

Question by Guest | Last update on 2023-11-02 | Created on 2016-07-23

I have some tables on my website, in which cells there are texts of different lengths. Sometimes only a word, sometimes several sentences.

Unfortunately, the text in the cell is centered vertically. However, I want the text to start always at the top left corner above and not somewhere in the middle.

Is this somehow possible using HTML formatting?

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Just set the property vertical align (valign) of the corresponding cell to "top".

For example, this will align the first column to the top:

    <td valign="top">Content is aligned above</td>
    <td>Content is default aligned</td>
    <td valign="top">Content is aligned above</td>
    <td>Content is default aligned</td>

So, just insert valign="top" for the td's of choice - and the text should stick at the top.
Last update on 2023-11-02 | Created on 2016-07-23

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Alternatively, you can also work with CSS. The corresponding CSS property is called "vertical-align" and can take the values "top", "bottom" or "middle".

To align the text in table cells at the top, you can write the following:

td {
  vertical-align: top;

The beauty of this solution, compared to the solution with valign="top", is that you can define the CSS rule once and centrally in a CSS stylesheet without having to edit each cell of your table(s) individually. This also helps you to separate your content from your style instructions.
2023-11-02 at 01:39

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