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Total Lunar Eclipses in Germany - Dates

Info by Binomial Coefficient | 01/07/2018 at 17:19

In some days, it will happen again: a rare spectacle will take place at the sky and we are able to observe a lunar eclipse in Germany.

Who does not want to know when we have the next total lunar eclipse to observe? Here is a small list of the next total lunar eclipses in Germany:

15. June 201120:33 h
10. December 201115:32 h
28. September 201504:47 h
27. July 201822:22 h
21. January 201906:12 h
16. May 202206:11 h
7. September 202520:13 h
31. December 202817:53 h
26. June 202905:23 h
20. December 202923:42 h
8. October 203219:04 h
14. April 203319:14 h
11. February 203622:13 h
7. August 203602:53 h
18. November 204019:05 h


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