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Import File List: How does it work?

Question by Guest | 2024-01-25 at 08:57

I used the software FilelistCreator to create file lists, so I have an Excel file with the list of files, but it's impossible to import. How can I do?

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You have to use the function "Export File List" (CTRL + E). This creates a filelist file with the extension ".filelist". This file can be imported again using the "Import File List" function.

File lists saved in the normal way can currently not be imported again since their format can be various and they even do not necessarily have to contain information about the file path which is required for an import.

UPDATE: Since today's update, it is possible to also import spreadsheet and table format files such as XLSX, ODD, CSV, TSV, HTML as well as DIF. Provided the files have cells containing full file paths, those files are loaded. With this, it is now possible to reload a saved file list again.
Last update on 2024-02-02 | Created on 2024-01-25

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