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Is it possible to mow the lawn when wet?

Question by Guest | 2018-04-22 at 20:52

Lately it had been raining extremely in my region, we barely got to gardening. Unfortunately, our lawn has grown quite a lot during this time, so I would rather like to mow it today instead of tomorrow. However, the lawn barely gets dry before it starts to rain again.

Hence my question. Is it possible to mow the lawn without damage when its wet or should I rather wait for a drier time?

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In no case I would mow the lawn while it rains. But even if the grass is wet, I would not recommend it.

You can mow wet lawns, but you will quickly drive furrows into the wet soil, which is difficult to straighten when it is dry.

In addition, wet grass is very sticky and can quickly clog the wheels, transmission and drip tray from the lawn mower. Truly it is no pleasure to mow like that!

I would definitely wait until it's dry again. Anyway, nobody is out in the garden anyway when the weather is so bad.
2018-04-22 at 23:18

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