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JavaScript: Set and read Input Value without jQuery using pure JavaScript

Question by Guest | 2016-09-20 at 23:49

Is there actually any possibility available to change or retrieve the value of an HTML input field with pure JavaScript?

Up to now, I have always used jQuery for that and accordingly, this was my procedure to get and set values from fields:

<input type="text" id="fieldId" value="xyz">
$("#fieldId").val("abc");        // set value using jQuery
var wert = $("#fieldId").val();  // get value using jQuery

Of course, this requires including the whole jQuery library into my website. And in one of my recent projects I would like to go without that because this would be the only function I need from the entire jQuery library.

So, is there any plain JavaScript solution coming without jQuery I could use for this purpose?

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Yes, you can do that using pure JavaScript without any problems.

To approach the field, you can use the function document.getElementById() to which we have to pass the ID of our element. The rest can be done using .value:

document.getElementById('fieldId').value = "abc";
var v = document.getElementById('fieldId').value;

Accordingly, the first line sets the value of the field with the ID "fieldId" to "abc", the second line reads out the value in order to store it in the variable "v".
2016-09-21 at 12:57

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