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Job Application: Where should I quote the reference number?

Question by Guest | 14/03/2018 at 17:38

I'm currently working on an application. In the job advertisement, something like a reference number (a code number or ID for the add, I think) is given, which I should mention in my application. Presumably, the advertisement or job posting will be assigned internally with the help of that number.

But where should I specify this ID on the application? In no template from the Internet, I have found a corresponding field or position.



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The reference number should be immediately recognizable, especially when applying at large companies, because an assignment to the responsible employee runs via this indicator.

This means that if you apply by e-mail, the code number should be in the subject line, in the case of an application by post, you should put it directly in the address field and additionally in the subject of the letter. Your letter should show the code number also from the outside, so that the post office can forward your application properly.

An example of the address field and subject might look like this:

Company Name ABC
Reference Number 123
ABC Street 1
99999 ABC City 

Application as ... (Reference Number 123)

The number best fits between the company name and street, the place where you would note, for example, an employee if a letter is addressed internally to a specific person.
14/03/2018 at 17:47

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