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Job Application: Online or Written - What is better?

Question by Guest | 2018-05-07 at 14:41

Slowly but surely, I would like to prepare for my post-training phase and so, I am currently considering where to apply for my first job.

First of all, I have a fundamental question about applying: Is it better or more up-to-date to apply online (for example by e-mail) or is the good old application portfolio or application file with a written letter by post still established today?

What do you all mean? I find good arguments for and against both types of job application.

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In my opinion, the answer to this question depends heavily on the company.

For young companies or businesses that are modern or want to be modern, the "modern" online application is certainly well accepted. Long-established companies, for which the "old" traditional values count, surely also prefer to see a traditional and noble application folder.

I think that an application should fit the company and the company profile (image) and if you meet this, it is certainly not a disadvantage for you.

And that can be in online in one case and writing in the other case.
2018-05-07 at 16:42

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I also recommend to look at the company. One company would receive an online application from me, the other a classic application portfolio - depending on how the company presents itself.

Typical questions are at that point:

  • How is the company present online and in social networks?
  • Does the company totally ignore the new media and the Internet, or does it offer extensive online services?
  • In which industry is the company set up?

With these questions you should get a sense of what form of application is appropriate.
2018-05-07 at 23:58

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Definitely depending on the company. Take a look at the company's website. As a rule, you will find indications as to which form of application is desired there.

Some companies even offer online contact forms, where you can enter all the information and also upload documents. If a company offers something like that, I would use it. It shows that you have dealt with the company and did not send a standard application to everyone.

Is there no such contact form, look around, if there are any hints. Sometimes there are sentences like "Applications preferably by e-mail to.." or similar hints. The job advertisement should be similar.

Or you try to find out with employees what form is desired or you just ask by calling.
2018-05-08 at 17:27

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Of course, it also depends on where you want to work in the company. If you mainly have to work with the computer, you can already show with your application that you can handle it.
2018-05-09 at 16:52

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If the company does not explicitly request an online application on its website or in the job advertisement, I would in any case write a written application.

The advantage of a written application is always that your application portfolio is lying around somewhere in the company and so it is seen. Emails were quickly lost in the masses and deleted. Many employees anyway have the order not to open any foreign attachments because the risk of viruses is too great.
2018-05-09 at 20:55

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