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May I take pills together with coffee or tea?

Question by Guest | 15/02/2018 at 18:35

Does it actually matter with which liquid you ingest a tablet?

Of course, tap water is often recommended, but can I not just take coffee, tea or mineral water as well to swallow the tablet?

I'm honestly not really the water drinker, so I really would like to use something other than water.



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Ideally, you should take tap water to swallow the tablet, even if you do not like water otherwise.

The reason for this is that coffee, tea or other drinks with additives can attack the coating of the tablets. Even water with carbon dioxide can be dangerous here.

This can cause the tablet to dissolve sooner than planned and release its active ingredient accordingly. For example, already in the stomach and not only in the intestine. As a result, the effectiveness of the tablet may suffer and you certainly would not want that.
15/02/2018 at 21:56

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