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Meaning of ft. or feat. in a Song Title

Question by Baby3 | 2016-09-28 at 18:59

Again and again, I am seeing music in which titles the names of two artists are appearing. Mostly, both performers are divided by "ft" or "feat". As far as I know, this is the abbreviation for "featuring".

But what does this mean? What is the meaning of "featuring" in respect to a song? Does this mean that both singers have worked on the music or does it mean that one artist has sung or interpreted a song of another performer or what is it supposed to be?

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Featuring roughly means something like "with support from" or "with participation of". The first mentioned artist is the main performer. The second mentioned artist behind the "ft" or "feat" is something like the guest performer. This means, the guest performer does not play the leading part or leading role but has possibly also sung or contributed some lines of text to the piece of music.

Sometimes, "featuring" is also used in a situation in which a new singer sings an old song in a new version and possibly the old singer is also part of the recording.

The music industry has made up this constellation so that some established artist can introduce some new artist in one of his songs. The new artist is thereby associated with the stable artist and also gets the corresponding attention and prominence.

That happens even more obvious when using the words "presents" or "introducing" in the title of a song with which sometimes totally unknown feature-artists are introduced and presented.
2016-09-29 at 17:43

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