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Meaning of ft. or feat. in a Song Title
Again and again, I am seeing music in which titles the names of two artists are appearing. Mostly, both performers are divided by...
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Music: Difference between vs and feat
Sometimes, multiple artists, singers and performers are listed in a single song title separated by "vs", "versus", "ft", "feat",...
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Hidden Recordings
What does it mean when you find video recordings of yourself and people around you from your phone even when you were using the...
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Max Benwer: Featuring roughly means something like "with support from" or "with participation of". The first mentioned artist is the main performer....
Question | Meaning of ft. or feat. in a Song Title
Max Benwer: Unfortunately, those terms or expressions are not absolutely clear defined. Finally, song titles are not standardized and each artist or...
Question | Music: Difference between vs and feat
Flying Arts: I do not know whether I have understood what you have found. Have you found some audio and video recordings on your phone you do not...
Question | Hidden Recordings

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Hidden Recordings
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