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Music: Difference between vs and feat

Question by Baby3 | 2016-09-27 at 23:30

Sometimes, multiple artists, singers and performers are listed in a single song title separated by "vs", "versus", "ft", "feat", "featuring", "meets" or "&".

I wonder what the exact difference between all of this artist conjunctions or associations could be. Do those words have any special different meaning? Or does that just mean that multiple artists participated in creating the song?

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Unfortunately, those terms or expressions are not absolutely clear defined. Finally, song titles are not standardized and each artist or record label can indeed use every word they want. On the Internet, you can even find some discussions in which the opinion is that all of those conjunctions are just meaning exactly the same.

Nevertheless, tendencially I would see the following differences:

  • featuring (or the abbreviations ft and feat) are rather used if the first mentioned artist should seem to be the main performer while the second mentioned artist should rather be some kind of guest performer or new introduced artist.
  • present or introducing are pointing into the same direction and are rather used if the last mentioned performer is quite unknown or completely new and therefore should be introduced.
  • & is rather used if both artists should seem to be on an equal footing and in principle it does not play a role which one is mentioned first or last. An example would be a duet of two well-known artists.
  • versus (or the abbreviation vs) rather indicates that the participating artists are competing against each other or that two songs have been mixed up (for example by a DJ) and therefore the songs are competing in the mix or switching again and again.
  • meets is rather used if no long-term cooperation is planned and maybe this song could be the only meeting of the artists.

As I said, that are all quite free and non official explanations, but I think that the expression are approximately going into this direction. Imagine that sometimes even the artists themselves are not sure about what conjunction should be used for a specific song. This can be recognized by the fact that sometimes the same song is occurring with different conjunctions on different CDs.
2016-09-28 at 16:19

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