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Meaning of R in Status Bar of Smartphone

Question by Guest | 2013-09-17 at 20:39

Sometimes, my mobile phone is showing a "R" symbol in its status bar at the top of the screen. Since the article about the meaning of the different status bar symbols, I know the meaning of G, 3 G, H and E signs or characters in the bar. The R is displayed in the same manner, but it is not mentioned in this question.

So, unfortunately, I don't know what the R probably could mean! Can someone tell me more about that? What does this symbol mean?

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The "R" in the status bar stands for Roaming. Roaming means that your mobile phone or smartphone has connected to a network that is not your normal home network. This is the case, for example, if you are in foreign countries in which your usual network is not available.

For instance, if your provider is AT&T and you are abroad, your smartphone cannot find the AT&T network there. That is why, your phone will try to connect to another network that is available there. This situation is displayed as "R" by your mobile.

Attention: In the roaming-state, you have to be carefully, because in this state, usually, your normal mobile tariff is not in effect. Especially, the mobile Internet and calling can be very expensive, even if you have a flat "at home". More information about the charges, you should get in your current mobile communication contract.
2013-09-19 at 23:49

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I am in my normal area and the R will not go away and I cannot get connected.
2018-10-29 at 06:49

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I am in my normal area and the R doesn't go off and I can't get connected to my mobile Internet.
2019-01-06 at 21:09

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