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How to remove the triangle with exclamation mark from the phone status bar

Question by Guest | 31.10.2013 at 17:38

Since some days, my Samsung Android phone is showing permanently a triangle with exclamation mark as an icon in the status bar at the top of the screen. Sometimes, additionally to the symbol, a hint to a so-called "data usage warning" appears.

This symbol in the bar is totally annoying me! Is there any way to somehow get this away? And can someone tell me what this sign or state has to mean at all?

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The symbol "triangle with exclamation mark" in the status bar is a common symbol for a warning. In your case, that is the data usage warning. What that is exactly, you can read in the question regarding the data usage warning. Roughly said, this warning is displayed in the case your mobile data has exceeded a certain amount.

If you want to get rid of the symbol and the warning, you simply have to set the limit to an amount that is so high, that this value is never reached and so, the warning is not displayed. You can do that like this:

  1. Go into the Settings
  2. There on Data Usage
  3. Here you can see a diagram of the process of your use of data. In this diagram, there is a horizontal orange slider. This slider indicates from how much MB of data the warning gets to be displayed. Simply move the slider up so far that you will never reach that amount of data
  4. The moment in which the regulator has moved beyond your current data volume, the triangle with the exclamation mark should disappear 

The purpose of this function is to inform the user of the phone about the fact when a particular data traffic is exceeded. This makes sense, for example, if you have a contract allowing only a certain volume of data and it will get expansive, if you exceed this limit. In this case, for example, you can simply use the data warning functions to be informed just before it could get too expensive.
31.10.2013 at 18:29

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Okay, but what if my contract has unlimited data usage?

My carrier is T-Mobile. I'm supposed to have unlimited data, texting, calling.
20.10.2015 at 02:08

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The Data Usage Warning only refers to the data usage measured by the phone. It is independent from your contract and does not affect or is influenced by the data limit set by your provider. It is just an information for you.
20.10.2015 at 14:39

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Smart User YES but I want it to go away. I have unlimited data and am not interested in a warning. Yet there is a warning I can only cap at 100Gigs which I seem to have passed and now have the icon on my screen.
05.11.2015 at 22:32

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What about setting the limit to 0? I have just tested it on my phone and the message is disappearing once you have clicked it away.
07.11.2015 at 01:57

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Ah ha!! Just sorting this on my mum's phone, switched phone off and on again (standard!) when it came back on, the warning sign was accompanied with a message "Error in Whatsapp".

Needed to download new version.

Hope this help...
23.08.2016 at 04:19

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My triangle shows up only when I text my daughter. 

No other text, why?
17.12.2017 at 14:57

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