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MIME Type of INI Files

Question by Guest | 2015-03-16 at 23:09

Does someone know, what kind of MIME Type an INI File is?

Apparently, this type of configuration file is indeed a pure text file format, which would justify a MIME Type of "text/ini", as it is the case with other text file formats such as "text/html" or "text/css".

On the other hand, compared to "text/html" and "text/css", the type "text/ini" seems not to be listed officially. So, should I rather use "text/plain for an INI File or does someone have another better idea?

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Since "text/ini" is not an official MIME type is, I would definitely tend to "text/plain".

That there are defined the MIME Types "text/html" and "text/css" while "text/ini" is not defined, despite all of this file format types are plain text files, is probably because it is very important to distinguish between HTML and CSS (for example in browser or e-mail applications) while other text files are just displayed as text without interpreting them for example as HTML. This would be another argument for recommending "text/plain" as MIME Type of an INI file.

Another thing is, that files with an INI structure, are often also saved with the file extension .txt, .cfg or .conf, so that plain text would be more justified to include all of this variations.
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