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Excel: How many rows and columns are allowed?

Is there actually any limit for the maximum number of rows/lines and columns in Microsoft Excel? Or can you create as many rows and columns as you...

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Enter five-digit Unicode Characters

How can I enter 5-digit Unicodes? For example, 1F700 or 1F71D. All descriptions I have found on the Internet always only work for 4-digit Unicode...

Question | 2 Answers

XLS and XLSX: Maximum Number of Columns and Rows

The maximum number of possible columns and rows in Microsoft Excel is not unlimited. Instead, the limit differs from program version to program...

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TIFF: What does a Resolution Unit of 2 or 3 mean?

When I click on a TIFF or TIF file in Windows Explorer, I get some information about the image in the Details tab of the Properties Dialog. Among...

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Which Font is used by LaTeX und TeX?

Documents created with LaTeX respectively TeX can usually be recognized simply by their special font. Can someone tell me the name of this font? I...

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Why are certain Characters not allowed in File Names?

When trying to rename a file and trying to write for example a question mark, an exclamation mark, a quote, an asterisk, a colon, a greater than or a...

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MemoryMan: In XLSX format, a maximum of 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns (equivalent to column XFD) are possible. So, the cells range from A1 to XFD16384. The...

Question | Excel: How many rows and columns are allowed?

Mail Request: Thank you very much. I've spent the entire evenings here for a whole week to find a solution. It was then due to the font, although that is...

Question | Enter five-digit Unicode Characters

Stefan Trost: Where do you want to enter these characters? In HTML code you could just write 🜀 to insert the character. If you mean the ALT key method...

Question | Enter five-digit Unicode Characters

Anja Proggy: Perhaps a little note on the topic from the category of unnecessary factual knowledge: If a number is entered in each possible field, a Microsoft...

Info | XLS and XLSX: Maximum Number of Columns and Rows

NetLabel: There's an easy way to determine the maximum number of lines your Excel version supports: Just open an empty file Click into the field A1 Press the...

Info | XLS and XLSX: Maximum Number of Columns and Rows

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