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Excel: How many rows and columns are allowed?

Is there actually any limit for the maximum number of rows/lines and columns in Microsoft Excel? Or can you create as many...

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Enter five-digit Unicode Characters

How can I enter 5-digit Unicodes? For example, 1F700 or 1F71D. All descriptions I have found on the Internet always only work for...

Question | 2 Answers

XLS and XLSX: Maximum Number of Columns and Rows

The maximum number of possible columns and rows in Microsoft Excel is not unlimited. Instead, the limit differs from version...

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TIFF: What does a Resolution Unit of 2 or 3 mean?

When I click on a TIFF or TIF file in Windows Explorer, I get some information about the image in the Details tab of the...

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Which Font is used by LaTeX und TeX?

Documents created with LaTeX respectively TeX can usually be recognized simply by their special font. Can someone tell me the...

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Why are certain Characters not allowed in File Names?

When trying to rename a file and trying to write for example a question mark, an exclamation mark, a quote, an asterisk, a colon,...

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MemoryMan: In XLSX format, a maximum of 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns (equivalent to column XFD) are possible. So, the cells range from A1 to...

Question | Excel: How many rows and columns are allowed?

Mail Request: Thank you very much. I've spent the entire evenings here for a whole week to find a solution. It was then due to the font, although...

Question | Enter five-digit Unicode Characters

Stefan Trost: Where do you want to enter these characters? In HTML code you could just write 🜀 to insert the character. If you mean the ALT...

Question | Enter five-digit Unicode Characters

Anja Proggy: Perhaps a little note on the topic from the category of unnecessary factual knowledge: If a number is entered in each possible field,...

Info | XLS and XLSX: Maximum Number of Columns and Rows

NetLabel: There's an easy way to determine the maximum number of lines your Excel version supports: Just open an empty file Click...

Info | XLS and XLSX: Maximum Number of Columns and Rows

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