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Motor oil: Should I use oil additives?

Question by Trainday | 2013-01-08 at 09:07

A friend of mine recommended some supposedly good oil additives for my engine. I should mix these oil additions in my oil in order to change the properties of the oil. This should save fuel and protect the engine.

However, I am unsure and do not know what I should think of this oil additives. Can I use them safely or should I be careful?

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I would advise against oil additives. Modern engine oils are already composed of a sophisticated mixture of base oils and additives. If you buy a high quality oil, the mixture is already perfectly tuned and requires no additional additions. Not without reason, manufacturers are performing complex tests and tune the additives precisely to the base oils used and to each other.

It can even happen that oil additives disrupt the balance of this mix and then can cause problems up to an engine failure. Because no one knows exactly what substances are coming together in this case and in what effect this is expressed.

For this reason, the manufacturers of cars do not recommend using oil additives. It can even happen that a problem with the guarantee and warranty arises: If there is an evidence that a damage or loss has something to do with the oil, the car maker assumes no liability and you have to pay for the costs for your own.
2013-01-08 at 16:11

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