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Move files using metadata when renaming

Question by BANANAKID | 2023-07-22 at 19:45

Hello Stefan,

Thank you so much for ongoing improvement of FileRenamer!

FileRenamer has some Mask Placeholders that allow using some of the file metadata (i.e. file date & time). It would be nice if we could not only rename but also move files using this metadata, i.e. "C:\File 1.txt" is renamed to "C:\2023\07\2023-07-23.txt".

The complete idea is to integrate free EXIFTOOL (works with Unix and Windows) and use the data it can read to make FileRenamer the ultimate tool for organizing photos and videos. In example, you will be able to add all DCIM contents of your SD card to FileRenamer and the FileRenamer would move them to "C:\Photos Library\Updates\ %Photo_Taken_Year%\ %Photo_Taken_Month%\ %Photo_Taken_Day%\ %Photo_Taken_CameraModel% \IMG_%%%%.JPG" automatically.

Alternatively FileRenamer can become a UI for EXIFTOOL if it sees it inside the FileRenamer.exe location (EXIFTOOL can move files using EXIF data). I cannot link EXIFTOOL because of limitations.

Kind regards,


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I have to think about that, but at a first glance, I think that fits little to this program. It's a renaming software and not a file sorter, maybe that are functions that better fit to another / independent program.

On the other hand, regarding EXIFTOOL, I don't want to have any dependencies to other programs in my tool. It should stay alone without any requirements, something many people are writing me that this a great benefit of my program.
2023-07-24 at 04:05

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Hello, Stefan! I have thought about my proposal more. I agree with you this may be out of the scope of the FileRenamer in it's current state. You're correct that EXIFTOOL will be a dependancy and that's not very welcome (I too enjoy that your apps are "standalone"). Thank you kindly for taking time for consideration and prompt response, I appreciate! P.S. I'm using EXIFTOOL myself and I thought this may be interesting!
2023-07-27 at 00:30

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Yes, I also think that this is interesting, but maybe better in another independent program, it could be called "FileSorter" or something like that.

However, the question is whether there is a market for such a program making the development costs worth it.
2023-07-27 at 04:57

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