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My baby cries during changing the diapers

Question by Guest | 2018-09-30 at 17:56

Since 14 days I am back home from hospital with my baby (18 days old). It is my first child and everything was shown to me (wrap, bottle etc.) by the nurse.

However, my little one always cries while swaddling and changing the diapers. My procedure is: I take a hand between the legs at the thigh and pull my baby up to put the diaper underneath. She cries every time when doing that.

Does anyone have a tip for me?

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I'd give you the tip, to turn your baby on its side instead of lifting it up.

The method of raising the legs is very outdated. It has been noted that the lumbar spine is thereby overstretched, irritating the nerve tracts passing through the spine. That's probably why your kid is crying.
2018-09-30 at 20:11

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