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May vegans breastfeed their baby?

Question by Guest | 2015-11-16 at 10:04

I am living vegan and soon I will be confronted with the following question: Should I breastfeed my newborn or should I abstain from breast feeding?

Well, of course, I fall into a inner moral conflict: Actually, on the one hand, I am a vegan obliged to forgo milk and dairy products, on the other hand, I think that breast milk is better for the baby and would its developing.

What do you mean? And what have you done when faced with this program? Could you resolve this conflict for you?

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If you really want to run through your veganism consistently and if you really want to raise up your child in a vegan way, you are not allowed to give him or her any milk and therefore, correspondingly, you are also not allowed to breast-feed.

Apart from the fact that I think that this temporary fashion to live vegan is absolutely ridiculous, I also think that it is irresponsible against your child!

Finally, human beings are omivores and I do not want to know how many allergies and eating disorders your child will have later if you withhold him from a large part of nutrients and foods. I do not even want to speak about the intellectual development.
2015-11-16 at 12:05

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