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Baby Breastfeeding: Can Silicone Breasts still give Milk?

Question by Guest | 2014-03-12 at 15:56

Perhaps, this is a quite strange question, but I really would like to know whether a woman is still able to breastfeed her baby after a breast augmentation (silicone breasts).

Or is it possible that the tissue of the breast can be damaged or that the necessary connections and glands can be capped by the implants or during the surgery so that enlarged breasts cannot give milk anymore?

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In most cases, breast-feeding should be possible even after a breast surgery. However, it all depends on how the surgery was performed and of course on how the implant was placed.

If the breast implants are inserted behind the glands or even below the chest muscle, the mammary glands are not affected and breastfeeding should continue to be possible. The problem arises only when the operation injures or damages the required channels or tissues - this can mean that the breasts can not give more milk. But this only applies very seldom.

Of course, if the implants are placed over the glandular tissue, it is not possible to breastfeed naturally anymore. 
2014-03-14 at 16:14

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I think, it is another question whether the silicone may harm the baby... I can not imagine that this is supposed to be healthy for the baby! I would not be surprised if you can find residues in the milk from silicone breasts! I would not try it. The risk would be too great for me.
2014-03-14 at 16:20

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