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MySQL: Get next free number after a given number

Question by PC Control | 2012-05-01 at 15:47

In MySQL, I want to find the closest possible free number, that has not yet been assigned, to a given number. To demonstrate what I want, here is an example:

3   --> the next would be 4
11  --> the next would be 12
22  --> the next would be 23

For instance, the next closest possible number to 1 would be 4, if I am searching for the next free number after 10, the result would be 12 and for 20, the result should be 23, according to this example.

Is there a way to realize this in MySQL?

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The following query should work. You still have to replace "tab" with the name of your table and "id" with the name of the column, in which the values are.

SELECT MIN(tab.id + 1)
FROM tab
LEFT JOIN tab AS temptab
ON tab.id + 1 = temptab.id
WHERE temptab.id IS NULL AND tab.id >= 10

In the last line, you have to replace the rear "10" by your comparison value. Applied to your example above, this query should output the value 12.
2012-05-03 at 17:45

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