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Online Banking: Why is there also the ability to enter numbers with the mouse?

Question by Cleopatra | 2012-09-30 at 15:32

Sometimes (but not always) when there is the possibility to enter numbers in an online banking interface, there is also a virtual number keyboard for the entry available. If you click on these displayed numeric keys with the mouse, the correspondinhg number is entered in the associated field.

However - I have tried it specially - the whole works in these fields also when you are using the keyboard, whis is, of course, much easier. So why is there this additional keyboard? First, I thought, it is for smartphone and tablet users, so that they can fill out the values better, but then, such a field should be available for each entry, which is not the case.

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This additional input field is a safety feature. Many computers are infected with viruses, that record all key presses on the keyboard and pass them via the Internet. These viruses or keyloggers operate undetected from the computer users, since such a program is not noticeable.

If you now enter passwords, PIN codes or other secret numbers on the keypad, the listener can read along and use the code itself, for example, to steal money from your bank account.

But if you use the mouse instead to enter the numbers, such keyloggers will fail and the input can at least not be redirected over this way. Nevertheless, there are certainly other ways such as tracking the mouse movements or whatever, but at least it is more difficult so and you protect yourself from most programs.

Therefore: The best is to prefer entering by mouse, even if it is a little bit easier with the keyboard.
2012-10-01 at 14:39

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