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OpenOffice: Insert non breaking space

Question by Guest | 2014-12-13 at 21:22

Does someone know how to write a none breaking space character using OpenOffice?

It is about the text processing program Open Office Writer. I would like to use the non-breaking blank between some numbers and units so that OpenOffice will not insert an automatic line break at this position of the text and number and unit will always stay together.

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There are three different possibilities how to create a non-breaking space in OpenOffice.

  • Use the key combination CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE - just write a normal space character using the space bar while holding the CTRL and the SHIFT key pressed simultaneously.
  • Click into your text at the position at which you would like to insert the character and go to the menu "Insert > Formatting Mark > Non breaking space".
  • On Windows, you can type a non-breaking space systemwide using ALT + 0160 on the numeric keypad, on Mac OS, you can use ALT + SPACE instead.

Surely, the first way will be the fastest one, but of course, it is a matter of taste which possibility you prefer.

By the way, the non-breaking space will be displayed grey while processing the text, after the printout, you will notice nothing about the difference to a normal space.
2014-12-15 at 19:11

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