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Overknee Boots slipping down - What can I do?

Question by SillyGirl | 2018-01-20 at 22:07

I have a little problem with my new overknees. I really love this shoes, but it is hardly possible to wear them!

The problem is that with each step, the boots slide down a bit and after a short time they are under the knees. First of all, then they are no overknee boots anymore and secondly it looks totally stupid, because then they get a slipped look and have a lot of wrinkles.

What can I do to give the boots more support on my thigh? Do you have any tips? Constantly pulling up them again is not a solution for me...

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In your place, I would experiment with the stockings and tights you are wearing. Or do you wear the shoes on the skin? Nylon tights can be quite slippery, maybe you'll be luckier with wool stockings or coarser stocking material.

Sometimes double-sided tape can help. You can put it inside the boots.
2018-01-21 at 16:20

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I currently have the same problem. First, I thought of pasting a narrow strip of hook and loop fastener inside, but that ruined the pantyhose.

Next, I will definitely try to cut off the rubber band from the stockings and somehow put it inside the shoe.
2018-01-21 at 19:38

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