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What are Wedges Shoes?

I really get confused with those many different shoe models, terms and names nowadays. Can someone tell me what wedges are? Lately, I am hearing that...

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What are Slingbacks?

What are the characteristics of slingback shoes? I heard the term for the first time...

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High Heels as a Man in Public - Tips?

Hello everyone! I would like to have some tips from you. I have been wanting to walk on high heels shoes in public for a long time. Who can give me...

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Overknee Boots slipping down - What can I do?

I have a little problem with my new overknees. I really love this shoes, but it is hardly possible to wear them! The problem is that with each step,...

Question | 2 Answers

Where can I unnoticed try on high heels as a boy?

I am male and I am for a long time fascinated by higher shoes, boots and high heels worn by women. I really would like to try out for myself how the...

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Why are men not allowed to wear high heels?

Supposedly, we are living in an enlightened and emancipated world. So far the theory. Nevertheless, society still gives us some inexplicable taboos:...

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Guest: I think, this theory is very interesting and I will try it the next days. I have also heard from some of my friends that they rather like to walk on...

Info | What do you think about the High Heels Formula?

Ancient: High heels are a really nice invention and they have made my life even more beautiful. Walking on them every day is just...

Info | Definition: What are High Heels?

Guest: Straight, married guy here who has been wearing gals high heels, in public even, since the early 1990's. Never really had a problem, get an...

Question | Why are men not allowed to wear high heels?

Guest: Society are all based in a man's perspective since they're the dominant gender and the better one. A man entering a woman's world...

Question | Why are men not allowed to wear high heels?

Lipstick: What you mean are pony boots, but those shoes really have nothing to do with wedges anymore... Wedges are characterized by the fact that they have a...

Question | What are Wedges Shoes?

Ancient: Good morning Lipstick, very well explained! I have also some wedges, they have a heel of 16 cm. But what is the name of the wedges that have no heel...

Question | What are Wedges Shoes?

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Learning to walk on Ballet Heels

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