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Pottery and Porcelain into the Bottle Bank?

Question by Guest | 2016-10-18 at 17:35

Should I actually throw old and broken pottery and porcelain together with my old bottles and glasses into the bottle bank?

I am really not sure about that. Some time ago there was a list on our container showing what can be thrown in and what not, but meanwhile this list has been overpainted by a sprayer.

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No, pottery and porcelain do not belong to the bottle bank or the old glass collection. Instead, both are coming into the residual waste.

The reason is that pottery and porcelain do have another melting point compared to glass and therefore they cannot be melt down together with the glass. If nevertheless trying to do so, the result can be errors in the glass. Therefore, never dispose of them together with old glass.
2016-10-20 at 09:55

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