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Cutlery Napkins and Cutlery Bags

Where can I get these cutlery napkins or serviettes? For the wedding I would like to have them, because I like them very much. I just have no plan...

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Remove Crayon from Woodchip Wallpaper

My child is well on the way becoming a great artist. Unfortunately, he does not stop in front of our wallpaper, probably he sees in the wallpaper a...

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Can I cast away energy saving lamps to the household waste?

The manufacturer of my energy saving lamp has promised me that the lamp will last forever and that the investment is worthwhile! Nevertheless, my...

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Does meat belong in the bio bin?

May I dispose meat using the organic waste bin? Or does meat always belong in the residual waste? I'm not sure. On the one hand, meat is...

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Why do I constantly have small holes in my T-shirts?

Lately, I find more and more strange little holes in my T-shirts. Since I pay more attention to them, I discover increasingly more. Recently, it even...

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Why are there Bottle Banks for white, green and brown Glass?

Why are there actually different containers for white, green and brown glass? Why isn't the old glass just collected in only one container for...

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Guest: The mistake I made was only having one battery in it. When I put 2 3-volt batteries on top of each other the problem was...

Question | My scales display Lo. What does this mean?

Mopsi99: Perhabs your scales is broken and its not only about the batteries. Maybe some electric contacts no longer conduct electricity (you can try to clean...

Question | My scales display Lo. What does this mean?

Guest: That is what I thought also.  Put in brand new batteries and it still says...

Question | My scales display Lo. What does this mean?

Educator: One the one hand, it may depend on the manufacturer and the product what Lo means. On the other hand, when your scale is broken, also the status...

Question | My scales display Lo. What does this mean?

Guest: This is not correct. I have changed the batteries and the Lo status remains. I just saw a youtube video claiming it is the battery, and there are...

Question | My scales display Lo. What does this mean?

Mopsi99: Most of these cutlery napkins or cutlery bags, as they are commonly known from birthdays, weddings or other celebrations, are folded from ordinary...

Question | Cutlery Napkins and Cutlery Bags

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Tip: Untangle Cable

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Bottle Bank for Blue Glass

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