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Smartphone: Remove Notifications

Question by Unlucky rabbit | 2017-09-04 at 08:26

How do I delete a triangle exclamation mark icon and content from my notification bar? When I pull down my notification it says I have 10 download in queue. But there is nothing in my files or downloaded apps.

I have reset my data usage up to 8000 mb.

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For removing those notifications, just pull down the status bar from the top of your phone and swipe each notification alert to the right. This will make them disappear.

Because I cannot see your phone, I don't know what those notifications are exactly that are not showing up in your files or apps. But there are many reasons that can cause this: sometimes updates show up that are not listed in your normal app location or images can be saved to places that are not listed in your gallery. 

If you want to know more, please tell us more about what you can see.
2017-09-06 at 00:01

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