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VAIO Care: Disable automatic Check Up

Question by Guest | 2016-06-19 at 10:04

I am using a VAIO Laptop manufactured by Sony. What is extremely annoying and disturbing on this system, is the recurring message by VAIO Care:

VAIO Care: Automatic Check Up is about to begin. Do you want to continue?

This message usually appears some minutes after system startup for the first time and then it stops to repeat in irregular time intervalls.

Is there any possibility to get rid of this message? I have already had a look into the autostart settings, but I have not found anything there. Can someone help me? This annoys me so much!

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VAIO Care seems to be a registered as a Windows task in the Task Scheduler. You can deactivate this service there.

  1. Got to the Control Panel
  2. There click on Administrative Tools and then on Task Scheduler
  3. Select Task Scheduler Library from the left column
  4. Search for VAIO Care and VAIO Care Service in the list on the right
  5. Right click both entries and select Disable from the context menu

If you only want to adjust or modify the service, you can also select "Properties" from the context menu in order to change the task.

If you should want to remove the VAIO Care application completely, you can go the following way: Control Panel > Programs and Features > VAIO Care > Deinstall.
2016-06-19 at 22:58

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