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Sony Vaio Laptop - How to switch on WLAN

Question by Guest | 2013-12-21 at 18:58

I have a Vaio laptop from Sony. So far, I have always and only used the regular cable network to go on the Internet.

Now, I would like to take my laptop to my university, where I would like to connect to the local wireless network. However, up to now, I have found no way to activate the wireless network with the Sony Vaio.

My old laptop had a key on the keyboard to do this. It was the FN key and F7 or something like this. With this key combination, you could turn on or off the wireless features of the notebook. Unfortunately, I have not found such a button on my Sony Vaio. Also in the Control Panel or the Network and Sharing Center in Windows I could not find any functions to turn on the Wireless LAN.

Can anyone help me? I thing, my laptop must have W-LAN. But where is it?

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Indeed, the ON/OFF switch for wireless networks (WLAN and Bluetooth) is pretty well hidden on the SONY VAIO.

A slide switch is located at the front edge directly on the left side below the mousepad. The switch is just as black as the bar and accordingly well camouflaged and difficult to discover. It is labeled with "WIRELESS".

With this switch you can switch on and off Wi-Fi. 
2013-12-21 at 21:48

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