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What can you do against fingernail-chewing?

Question by Guest | 2018-06-26 at 19:05

For ages, I have a very stupid habit: I'm chewing my nails! The situations for nail biting can be quite different. For example, when I'm in stress, when I'm bored, when I watch a movie - just constantly and at every opportunity I have.

Again and again I've tried to stop to chew my nails, but I just can not do it. The problem is that I always start subconsciously and only realize that I have done it again when it is already too late.

Does anyone have any experience with that and maybe some tips and tricks for me on how to stop?

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At the pharmacy, there is available a special invisible nail polish, which should taste quite disgusting and bitter and is just intended to get rid of the fingernail-chewing.

If you've got that polish on your nails and subconsciously grab the nail again, you'll automatically stop it, so bad is the taste. At some point you then subconsciously learn that you get a "punishment" every time you bit your nails and automatically stop after a while.
2018-06-26 at 23:27

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If you're a woman, you can just get some artificial fingernails or start wearing nail polish.

Even that can make you chew off, since it is not the same as chewing on natural nails and real artificial nails (gel nails) are much firmer and harder so that they can not be broken by the chewing. In addition, you'll think twice about chewing on the nails that you have costly and lavishly styled.
2018-06-27 at 18:24

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If you do not want to do the nail polish trick, you can also look for a replacement activity. For example, a friend helped herself by chewing a lot of gum. When the mouth and teeth are busy with the chewing gum, they are less likely to get the wrong idea.
2018-06-30 at 13:03

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