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What does a 4G Phone show if it is in a 5G Network?

Question by Guest | 2019-07-02 at 15:44

Does anyone know what a 4G phone will show on its display if it is in a 5G network?

I am trying to find out if 5G was actually used at Glastonbury last weekend.

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It will not show 5G, even if there is a 5G network available in that area.

A 4G phone cannot connect to a 5G network, so it can not register whether there is actually a 5G network available or not. The same applies to a phone that is not made for 4G/LTE. Such a phone will neither show 4G nor 5G networks. Those phones just do not have the technical requirements for the new network standards. 
2019-07-02 at 15:48

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