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What is the Birth Name?

Question by Guest | 07/03/2018 at 09:08

I just had to fill out a form with a field for my forename, surname and birth name.

What my forename (first name) and surname is, is, of course, completely clear to me. But what should that birth name be? What do I have to enter in this field and how do I know what my birth name is?


Mister Lohmann

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Your birth name is your surname, last name or family name that you had at birth and that is also written on your genealogical certificate or certificate of ancestry. You can also say born name, name at birth or maiden name instead of birth name.

A distinction between surname and birth name is above all necessary because the surname can change over the course of a lifetime. For example by marriage or adoption.

Therefore, you can often find an indication such as "Anna Smith, nee Jones". The birth name in this case is Jones (at her birth, her name was Anna Jones). However, the (actual) last name is Smith (after her wedding she was called Anna Smith.

If you have the same name all your life, your maiden name and surname are of course identical.
07/03/2018 at 19:33

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