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WhatsApp: Escape Characters for Asterisk, Tilde and Underscore

Question by Franko | 2017-10-25 at 18:28

Does someone know the escape character with which I can write asterisks *, tilds ~ and underscores _ in WhatsApp, without WhatsApp formatting the text bold, italic or strike through?

I have already tried all possible usual escape characters such as /* or \* but they are not working at all.

I only want to send a phone number for loading a prepaid card to one of my friends. This phone number is in the form *123*456789# and Whats App is always making 123456789# out of this number, writing the first three digits in bold font.

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Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not have any escape character implemented for its text formatting. However, there is a workaround. With ``` you are able to write a text in a monospace font. In this font, the formatting is not active.


To avoid misunderstandings: when talking about the character ` it is not the character '. You have to take the angular prime to make it work, not the apostrophe.

Alternatively, you can also type another character such an apostrophe in front of the first asterisk. Also then the following text will not be formatted.
2017-10-25 at 20:07

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