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Why do some bacteria make sick while others do not?

Question by Mopsi99 | 2017-12-27 at 23:31

On the one hand, bacteria should be extremely useful so that we can not live without the help of bacteria (for example, when we think of our intestinal flora). On the other hand, we are using antibiotics against bacteria because bacteria can make us sick.

Why is that? Why do some bacteria make us sick and others do not? What is the difference between those good and bad bacteria and how do bacteria make us sick at all?

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Bacteria are small living creatures with their own metabolism. They are eating and they have excretions. Depending on the kind of bacterium, there can be very big differences in this matter.

Some bacteria are extracting important nutrients from our body, while others remove substances that humans otherwise could no longer use. The excretions and metabolites of one bacterium are nutrients for us, those of another bacterium can be poison for us. Other bacteria can produce antibodies, attacking our immune system.

In addition, some bacteria also attack and eat human cells, so that those cells get destroyed. This can cause an immune response of the human body. Often it is this immune reaction, coming in the form of inflammation, pain and fever, that make us experience the symptoms of our disease.

As you can see, every bacterium is different in its own way, needs a different habitat and behaves differently, which can have effects from making us sick till keeping us alive.

Even a good bacterium from the gut, which has served us faithfully there, can make us sick if it gets to the wrong place in our body and continues its work there.
2017-12-28 at 13:11

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