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Why do you cry when you are sad?

Question by Lori | 2018-06-26 at 15:26

First of all, sorrow or grief is a feeling of many moods and emotional states a human being can adopt. Still, it's the only feeling that can trigger tears.

Why is that so? Why is it that crying happens in sorrowfulness and grief and not in another feeling? Does that have any evolutionary meaning or why are you crying?

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Scientifically, it is still not clear why people cry. Especially since the crying can not only occur in mourning but also in pleasure or as a protective function in case of contamination of the eye for cleaning.

There are many explanations for tears and crying. Of course, keeping the eye out of dirt does not explain why sadness sometimes makes you cry. So there are quite different functions of crying, even if it is both a form of pain - an object in the eye as well as mourning.

The scientific theories range from crying as a form of communication or understanding without words to a psychological reaction to reduce stress and tension in the case of particularly strong emotional impressions.
2018-06-26 at 17:06

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