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Wear High Heels only for Boy Friend?

Question by Guest | 2014-04-06 at 09:30

I have a little problem with my boyfriend. He totally digs high heels and wants nothing more from me but that I am wearing those shoes the whole time. He would probably prefer that I am wearing no other shoes all time around the clock and that all of my flat sneakers go into the trash.

I would really like to fulfill him his wish and I have also already tried it for a few times. However, without much success. I barely can walk on high heels and I really feel clumsy, silly and uncomfortable on those shoes. And after those trials I only hear from him that the shoes were not high enough for him.

This frustrates me and makes me sad. Also when he is sometimes sending me photos from his extreme high favorite shoes, I do not know how to think about it. After that he says that I should put on those shoes but I can hardly imagine that.

Please do not misunderstand me. My boyfriend loves me not only for my shoes and there are also many beautiful and romantic moments in our relationship. We are not always talking about this topic, but anyway, it bothers me, because I really would like to meet any of his desires and I want to be a good girlfriend.

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Very difficult issue. Not long time ago, I also had a relationship in which constantly high heels and shoes were the topic.

By now, we are separated and finally I have my rest. Currently, he has a new girlfriend, a typical girl who would die for a new pair of shoes. She is really happy because he always pays for her new high heels. Also I have a new boyfriend, a typical man, for him fashion and clothes are all the same. And suddenly we are both happy. 

In my opinion it is almost impossible to dissuade someone from his or her preferences. He will always insist on high heels and therefore only a girl going along with this and also liking shoes over all will fit for him.

Maybe, this sounds hard, but it is my own experience.
2014-04-06 at 11:14

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I think, my previous speaker is right. Without one of you indulging, the problem could hardly be solved.

However, from what I hear, I have to say that your friend is not really tactically intelligent.

If you really want to do him the favor to wear high shoes for him, this will not be possible from today to tomorrow. You really cannot start with the highest killer heels from the beginning on. Otherwise, it is no wonder that you feel immediately uncomfortable and that you cannot walk on those shoes.

Instead, you should start with small heels and at the beginning you should not wear them too long. Only if you get along well with the small heels, you should increase the height and try to walk on shoes that are a little bit higher.

How long it takes until you get used to the very high heels, is hard to say. But you need patience.
2014-04-06 at 17:41

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I think, in a relationship it is very important that you please each other. Of course, I do not know what is important for you, but imagine your boyfriend getting fatter and fatter and starting wearing only sloppy stuff.

I think that you would not like that either. In my opinion, in a relationship, you should always be aware of keeping each other attractive. Otherwise it will be over faster than you can imagine.
2014-04-06 at 17:45

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My boyfriend is also very in high shoes. When we got to know, that was also a big problem for me, since I have never worn high heels in my life before.

Some day, I have relented and now I am almost always wearing high shoes with the highest heels for him.

I have to say that it is also very good for me, much better than before. He always is very proud of me and he is very glad that he can be together with me. And I will never again miss this feeling of being such a great girl he is always giving me.
2014-04-07 at 15:44

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I remember a few years ago my wife and I ad been doing some shopping she was wearing 5 inch black patent stiletto heels she always took her heels off when getting home but on this day she was just about to do it when i asked her to keep them on for a while as i told her they looked nice so she wore them for the rest of the day since that day she wears them all the time even around the house that was 20 years ago she still does it and she looks fab in them.
2014-11-28 at 22:37

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I remember some years ago I was out shopping with my wife she was wearing a pair of black patent 5 inch stiletto heels when we got home she was about to take her high heels off they looked so sexy that I asked her to keep them on for a while she said she would wear them for an hour just for me then she sat down. She ended up wearing them for the rest of the day. 

Since that day she has worn high heels every day she even wears them around the house she no longer owns a pair of slippers that day was over 20 years ago I am so glad I asked her to keep her high heels on that day
2014-11-28 at 23:08

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If your boy friend tells you to wear high only then it is time to find a new friend! Plus tall him to wear them he mostly does any ways!
2015-03-03 at 00:51

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Let him know if you wear heels for his satisfaction there are things he has to follow. 1 He has to be willing to help you keep your balance. & 2 He have to rub your feet when your feet start to hurt.
2019-02-15 at 17:48

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My wife wears 6 inch stiletto heels and spray tans her legs weekly. She looks great at 42 years old. I convinced her to wear shorts with the heels and she looks sexy.

Last week she went grocery shopping like this and all the guys were looking.
2020-04-17 at 22:36

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