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Why do you need additional software to load music onto MP3 players?

Question by Interest | 2018-06-20 at 20:56

Wistfully I still remember the time when you bought a portable MP3 player, unpacked it and then simply connected it with the USB cable to the computer. The computer recognized the music player automatically as drive, it opened a window like connecting a USB stick or an external hard drive and it was easily possible to transfer songs to the device, it just worked fine.

These days seem to be past. Apple made the beginning, only with iTunes you can equip the iPod. In the meantime, other companies have followed: Sony with SonicStage, Microsoft with Zune and so on.

I wonder, what's the point? Consumer-friendlier is something else! I do not want to install a program or software for any of my devices. Normally, companies are always making it easier and easier. Why did they deliberately install a crutch here?

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I'm just as upset about that as you are. Instead of banning bulbs, you should ban this add-on software or at least make it optional and allow a normal record of the MP3 player.

Of course, the big companies could easily manage to produce devices that can do that without additional programs. But that is not wanted. As the manufacturers of printers also try to earn on the cartridges, manufacturers of MP3 players want to earn on the music sold.

Apple would therefore like that the users buy the songs from iTunes and load them from there on their MP3 player. If you could also load songs without iTunes on the iPod, many users would not install the program at all and accordingly fewer would buy at Apple.

That is why the companies try to bind the customer to themselves and make them dependent. The next step will be music cloud services, where access to "ones own" purchased music will only be as long as you pay the monthly fee. If you stop paying them, the access is gone. So you can not beat around a certain size of a collection to stay with a particular provider. Of course, you also only buy new music there. I think that should be banned. Why has not the consumer center turned on yet?

Eventually, switching to another provider becomes more difficult once you're caught in the iPod-iTunes-Apple trap. The music is on iTunes, it's clear that then the next MP3 player must also be an iPod. And the same consumer center was annoyed when you can not change your electricity provider fast enough - crazy world!
2018-06-21 at 19:38

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My iPod could only be used like a reasonable MP3 player after hacking it! That's an imposition, how here the companies deal with us customers. The politicians are looking on that passively again.
2018-06-21 at 21:09

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