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Why does a car need periodic oil changes?

Question by Enzo | 2012-10-23 at 18:09

Why do you actually need to change the motor oil of a car regularly? My car is just coming from the auto repair shop and again, the oil was changed there. But why is this necessary? Other machines do not need that either.

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Over time, the engine oil in your car gets more and more polluted. Blame for this are, for example, the combustion residues such as soot and sulfur oxides, dust from the outside air or the grit of the engine. In addition, the oil deteriorates over time and loses its additives. Additionally, for Otto engines, frequent cold starts can cause that unburned fuel comes to the oil which is diluting the oul.

All this leads to a deterioration of the properties of the engine oil. For example, the lubricity and the viscosity of the oil suffers.

Since these poorer properties and the contamination of the oil is not good for the engine, of course, the old motor oil must be periodically replaced with fresh oil. Important: The mere replenishment of the oil is not sufficient to clean the oil. Finally, this will preserve the impurities.

Incidentally, in former times, the oil had to be replaced much more often than today. Today's better technology and better properties of the oil make it possible that the oil now much longer remains at a high level as it was with older generation oils.
2012-10-25 at 16:48

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