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Why does the rain smell better in summer than in winter?

Question by Lori | 2018-03-25 at 16:05

Everyone surely knows the beautiful scent of a warm summer rain. You do not want to take cover from the rain but simply enjoy.

However, the rain in winter is completely different: no smell, freezing cold, you just want to get away.

How can that be? Why does the summer rain smell so wonderful while the winter rains are only uncomfortable and cold? That can not only be due to the cold, right?

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Of course, the cold is also a reason for the different sensation. After all, the wet water from above looks like a welcome cooling refreshment in summer, while in winter it only increased the cold and discomfort.

But it's not just the cold. The scent of summer rain is above all due to the fact that the rain falls on the warmed ground. As a result, part of the water evaporates again, releasing all sorts of fragrant particles into the air. This can be, for example, pollen or soil or other minerals and fragrance carriers. This fragrance mixture then passes through the water vapor in our noses and we smell the typical summer rain smell.

Incidentally, that is also the reason why a summer rain smells different in each area. There are other local and time-dependent constellations of fragrances that make each summer rain unique.
2018-03-25 at 18:22

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