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Delphi: Define global variables

Tip by Delphian | 11/02/2013 at 10:51

In this tip, I show you, how to define global variables in Delphi, so that these variables can be accessed in each unit of your Delphi project you want.

A first idea might be to define the variable directly in the Delphi Project File (DPR). However, this is not easily possible, since it contradicts the hierarchy of Delphi.

For this reason, we simply define a new unit that can look something like this:

unit globalvars;


  globalstr: string;
  globalint: integer;



We named the unit globalvars, so it must also be saved as globalvars.pas. We have defined the two variables globalstr and globalint, but you can also declare any other variables.

Now, we can integrate this unit into any other unit including our project file (DPR), by adding the unit to our USES list:


With this, the variables can be read and written globally in each unit. For example, we can set a global variable in our DPR file to a value and then query this value in any other unit. This can be used, for example, for global settings such as language settings of the program.


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