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How to get rid of annoying telemarketing calls once and for all

Tip by Consumer | 2012-06-28 at 18:30

I've done it. The dream of the many. I got rid of those annoying telemarketing calls that bother so many people around me. And I'm not even happy about it, but more on that later. First I want to tell you, what I have done.

I have only asked a question. When one of these advertising caller phoned me over two years ago, I only asked him after my welcome a simple insightfully question: "Oh, you sound a little bit tired. What's up?" He replied to the question and there was a nice, cozy and funny conversation that lasted between 30 and 45 minutes. At some point, I had him so far that he told me about his life in the call center. He told me, that it does not make him happy and he earns so little. For the call center agent, this was obviously a perfect, happy and welcomed deviation from his daily work. The reason, why he was calling me to actually, I did not find out until the end. It simply has not come to speak.

The effect of this little call was not to misjudge for me: No more annoying telemarketing calls! Although, I had actually been looking forward to my next caller involving him in such a nice conversation. I thought of so many beautiful themes during the next days! Gossip about the boss, personal questions, seek advice about their own problems - I wanted to try it all! But it turned out not to be. Even when I changed my cell phone contract (and not just because I got no calls), I was spared of the promotional calls.

Obviously, I was marked in the call center as "stop calling" and this notice was also sent to all other call center, data exchange is lively there probably. Because for the call center my call was obviously a disaster. So, you cannot make any money! In the time of my call, the employee would normally have done countless other calls and maybe even get a contract completed.

The effect on the poor employee was probably not quite as enjoyable. Call Center namely record the calls and listen to the calls when it comes to irregularities. And my long call was definitely an anomaly. Presumably, the employee in question was fired thereafter.

I recommend to anyone who wants to get rid of the calls, to do the same. Just run a nice conversation, nice chatting and do not let the employee to say what he wants. Even if heads will roll for this! But with this,  you will give the employee at least the chance to find a decent job!

Allegedly, it should also help to ask the employee for his name and the name of the call center and then to threaten with an injunction in order to achieve the same effect. In this case, "customer threatens with lawyer" will be marked in your profile and of course, the call center also wants to avoid this. But I really think, that my method is much more effective, because opposed to the threat of the lawyer, the call center will really lose money with this method.

Try it out and report in the comments about your success!


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