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MySQL: Add or Insert Random Number

Tip by Progger99 | 2012-05-09 at 20:26

Sometimes, we would like to insert a random value into a MySQL table, for example, to test a website using random data. That is, how it works:

UPDATE tab SET col=FLOOR(5+(RAND()*(10-5+1)));

This function sets in the table "tab" the column "col" to a random value between 5 and 10. To create other random data, simply substitute the values 5 and 10 with other numbers or use the variables of this PHP function for your boundaries:

$min = 5;
$max = 10;
$query = "UPDATE tab SET col=FLOOR($min+(RAND()*($max-$min+1)))";

For numbers between 0 and a maximum value (here $max), the command simplifies to:

UPDATE tab SET col=FLOOR(RAND()*$max+1);

In some cases, we want to add a random number to an existing value in a column. This can be done with this MySQL command:

UPDATE tab SET col=spalte+FLOOR(RAND()*$max+1);

Of course you can also use the PHP function from above in this case.


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