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Change uppercase and lowercase Writing of multiple Files

Tutorial by Stefan Trost | Last update on 2022-11-25 | Created on 2018-05-13

I have several folders with a lot of files whose writing is pretty mixed up. The name of the one file is written completely in lower letters, another file name consists of uppercase and lowercase words. I would like to fix this and use the same spelling or writing for all files. However, it would be too cumbersome to rename each file individually.

Solution: You can do this task with the File Renamer. The program is available in a version for Windows, Linux and macOS.

First, add all the files whose name you want to change to the list in the program. You can simply drag the files onto the program from your file browser or you can click on the button "Add Folders" to search your computer for specific files.

Next, click on the right side in the section Changes > Name > Writing. There, the following options are available:

  • Capitalize Word (Abc)
  • All Letters Uppercase (ABC)
  • All Letters Lowercase (abc)
  • Randomly Mixed (aBc)

Depending on how you would like your filenames to be formatted, you can choose one of the options. In the file list you will see directly a preview behind the current name, as the future file name will look like with the current settings. Finally, clicking on "Apply Changes" will rename all files in the list according to your settings.

You can change both, the file name as well as the file extension. In the section "Changes", there is the possibility of independently adjusting the writing of name and ending. Just use Changes > Name or Changes > Extension for that.

More Options

Beyond the writing, the FileRenamer offers many other ways to rename files and folders according to your desire. For example, parts of the name can be replaced with others, text can be inserted to the name, you can truncate the name, rewrite or delete certain character groups, and much more.


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