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Create random Words from specific Syllables

Tutorial by Stefan Trost | Last update on 2020-10-25 | Created on 2016-07-20

I am searching for a tool that can create readable random words. Up to now, I have only found creators which do not allow any influence on the used characters, letters and syllables. Isn't there any program out there in which you can exactly define from which specific parts and components a word should be created?

Answer: That is possible with the application WordCreator. This tool can be downloaded for Windows, macOS and Linux.

  • In order to create the first random words, it is sufficient to just click on the button "Create" directly after starting the program.
  • The used letters and syllables can be found in the list on the left. This list can be freely edited. You can just remove or add arbitrary entries like you want. The number in front of the syllable is specifying the frequency. The higher this number is, the more often the syllable will be used in the created words.

Additionally, the Word Creator is also offering the possibility to allow syllables only at specific positions within the generated words. For example, only at the beginning, only at the end, only in the middle or even only at specific positions content from behind or the beginning. You can find a complete introduction and overview over the possibilities here.

Furthermore, the program is also providing some predefined simple lists from some languages and you can also create random lists. You can use the settings for defining exactly rules specifying the readability of words and the writing of them.


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