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Meaning of the WhatsApp Hooks

Info by NetLabel | 07/01/2015 at 14:00

Many myths are ranking around the small hooks that are displayed in the bottom right of each message you have sent via Whats App. But what is the real meaning of these hooks? In this information, I would like to clear up this.

One gray Hook

After sending a message, first, a single grey hook is appearing. This snag means, that the message has arrived the WhatsApp-Server. At this time, the recipient does not have the message on his mobile phone yet. If you are offline with your smartphone, there will be no hook at all because the message cannot be sent to the server without Internet connection.

Two gray Hooks

Next, the WhatsApp server is trying to transfer the message from the server to the phone of the recipient. As soon as this was successful, two gray hooks are appearing. But be careful: Two gray hooks are not necessarily meaning, that the message has been read.

Two blue Hooks

Two blue hooks are indicating, that the recipient has opened the message. But it is also possible, that the recipient has already read the message before the two blue ticks are displayed. For example, the recipient could have a message preview on his smartphone or the messages are that short, that you can read them without opening them explicitly. There also occurred situations in my tests, where the two blue check marks are even not showing up although the message was definitely opened.


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