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List of all World Cup Champions and Winners of the first four Places

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In this list, I have summarized all teams respectively countries that have made one of the first four places of a football/soccer World Cup so far.

In the first two columns, you can see the corresponding year and the host country in which the championship was staged. The third column refers to the World Cup Final of that year: In this column, you can see the World Cup Winner as well as the runner up and the result of the match. Likewise, the fourth column gives information about the match for the third place.

YearHostWorld Champion - 2. Place3. Place - 4. Place
1930UruguayUruguay - Argentina (4-2)not determined
1934ItalyItaly - Czechoslovakia (2-1ET)Germany - Austria (3-2)
1938FranceItaly - Hungary (4-2)Brasil - Sweden (4-2)
1950BrasilUruguay - BrasilSweden - Spain
1954SwitzerlandGermany - Hungary(3-2)Austria - Uruguay (3-1)
1958SwedenBrasil - Sweden (5-2)France - Germany (6-3)
1962ChileBrasil - Czechoslovakia (3-1)Chile - Yugoslavia (1-0)
1966EnglandEngland - Germany (4-2ET)Portugal - USSR (2-1)
1970MexicoBrasil - Italy (4-1)Germany - Uruguay (1-0)
1974GermanyGermany - Netherlands (2-1)Poland - Brasil (1:0)
1978ArgentinaArgentina - Netherl. (3-1ET)Brasil - Italy (1-0)
1982SpainItaly - Germany (3-1)Poland - France (3-2)
1986MexicoArgentina - Germany (3-2)France - Belgium (4-2ET)
1990ItalyGermany - Argentina (1-0)Italy - England (2-1)
1994USABrasil - Italy (0-0ET/3-2PS)Sweden - Bulgaria (4-0)
1998FranceFrance - Brasil (3-0)Croatia - Netherlands (2:1)
2002Japan/S. KoreaBrasil - Germany (2-0)Turkey - South Korea (3-2)
2006GermanyItaly - France (1-1ET/5:3PS)Germany - Portugal (3-1)
2010South AfricaSpain - Netherlands (1-0ET)Germany - Uruguay (3-2)
2014BrasilGermany - Argentina (1-0ET)Netherlands - Brasil (3-0)
2018RussiaFrance - Croatia (4-2)Belgium - England (2-0)
2022QatarArgentina - France (3-3ET/4-2PS)Croatia - Morocco (2:1)

Games in which there was a play-off are marked with a ET (extra time). PS means that the result was determined by a penalty shootout.

At the first Football World Cup in 1930, the third place match was not played. Therefore, there are only a first and a second place for that year.

In the years 1942 and 1946, the World Cup did not take place because of the Second World War. Therefore, the World Cup 1938 is followed by the World Cup 1950.

At the World Cup 1950, there was no final and no play for the third place. Instead, there was a final round, which was similar to the first round played today: all teams played against each other and the ranking of the teams was determined by points.

And if you don't want to count yourself: Brazil has become world champion most frequently (5 times), followed by Germany and Italy with 4 times each.


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