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Android: .nomedia File does not work

By dropping an empty file called .nomedia into a folder containing media files on an Android device, the videos and photos from that directory should...

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What is actually Android?

It seems to me that the whole world is talking about Android today. No matter where you are, no matter which party you are on, always the term...

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How to hide album in Gallery in Android devices

I am using Android version 4.0, pls is there a way or an application that i can use to hide an album in my gallery, in such a way that even if some...

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Stefan Trost: The Gallery app creates an index of all the photos that will be displayed. If you copy the .nomedia file into a folder that is already listed in the...

Question | Android: .nomedia File does not work

NetGuy: Android is an operating system for mobile phones or smartphones. So, the thing, that is Windows or Linux on computers or laptops, is Android at...

Question | What is actually Android?

Stefan Trost: Create a file named ".nomedia" and put it into the directory, you would not like to show in your gallery. Folders containing this file are not...

Tip | How to hide album in Gallery in Android devices

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What is actually Android?

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